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Walter Shen.png

Walter Shen

Planning and Rules Manager

Science and Technology Advancement

Technology Advancement Office

South Coast AQMD

Walter Shen is the Planning & Rules Manager in the Technology Advancement Office overseeing Off-Road Incentives and Special Projects. His team implements off-road heavy-duty projects, providing incentive funding for equipment in the agricultural and construction sectors as well as marine repower, locomotive and cargo handling projects.


Walter and his team administers various incentive programs, including the Carl Moyer Program, State Reserve, FARMER, SOON, EPA Targeted Air Shed Grants and the AB 617 Community Air Protection Incentives, to obtain early and cost-effective emission reductions in the South Coast Air Basin.


He has close to 25 years of air quality experience with South Coast AQMD and holds a BS in Applied Ecology from UC Irvine.

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