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Todd Ritter
EVStructure Company

Todd Ritter AKA AST Green Team is an owner partner along with Andrew Dalfonso of The EvStructrure Co. headquartered In Pasadena, CA with fully staffed operations in Hawaii, they are known as a sustainable organization with an engineering philosophy that understand the HOA and mud industry. Todd is charged-up with his own 8 yrs of energy auditing and building science knowledge along with Mega watts of humble pie experienced firsthand in the field and countless HOA BOD meetings. His experiences in energy efficiency along with best practices, construction administration, HOA and public policies have made him now a part of 900+ Electric vehicle charging station infrastructure and installations nationally.


His HOA clients include portfolio clients from Action Properties, Hawaiiana and Certified property management companies. Others include, Enterprise Rental Car Co., Kohl’s retail stores, County of Riverside California, SPX GM (Chevy Volt), BMW Motors, Fisker automotive, Better Place EV Networks Hawaii, as well many commercial workplace , Hotels, Malls and Shopping Centers. Todd’s team of Electrical and Structural Engineering, Electrical contracting, Pre Construction Survey, and certified energy auditing integrators are considered experts in the field of the electrification of vehicle charging infrastructures for Multi Unit Dwellings (MUD). Mr. Ritter and his partner Andrew Dalfonso help write the guide book “Ready Set Charge” for the CEC on how to install in Multi Unit Dwellings. They are advisors to UCLA Luskin School of Innovation for EV Charging infrastructure costing and public policy.


Todd is also the CAI Hawaii chapter advisor to the State of Hawaii for MUD policy, as well as to CA state Senator Carol Liu for EV charging in MUD. As an early EV adopter Todd envisioned the future of EV’s, starting his own OEM companies in 2002 “ZEMS” Zero Emissions Motor Scooter a personal pure electric mobility scooter company. After continued education in energy stayed in the transportation sector as a C.E.A. consulting in energy efficiencies under his company AST Green Team partnering with Los Angeles, CA based Morgner companies a transportation engineering firm specializing in urban planning, city infrastructures and energy efficiencies policies. In 2010 Started The EvStructure Company. Todd has since combined E V Charging, energy efficiencies, KwH – Charging monitoring systems ,solar car ports and finance together. Currently residing both in LA and Hawaii Todd has been laser focused on electric vehicle charging station infrastructure challenges for Multi Unit Dwellings.


The EvStructure Company also gives back to the community by, teaching free classes funded by a Dept. Of Labor, BIA/NHBA Job training program. Todd and Andrew freely share their professional experiences and prescriptive implementations in quarterly classes for out –of- work electricians as the Ev101 Class trainers to help create new jobs .Todd is an AEE accredited CEA, U S Green Building Council LEED AP
and a member of the National Society of Professional Engineers...

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