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Michael Brylawski

Michael is founder and CEO of Evercar, where he works hands-on with customers, partners, and the Evercar team to tackle the barriers to adopting electric vehicles at scale. Michael brings almost twenty years of experience in clean mobility as an entrepreneur, engineer, consultant to Fortune 500 companies, and published researcher.


Prior to starting Evercar, he was co-founder and Senior Vice President at Bright Automotive. Michael led the founding research consortium of Google, Alcoa, and Johnson Controls, authored the business plan, and co-architected its flagship product, the Bright Idea light commercial vehicle. During his tenure, Michael ran the sales and marketing team, working with dozens of corporate and governmental fleets to understand their challenges and needs in adopting clean vehicles. He also led strategic partnering activities, securing General Motors Ventures’ first ever investment in 2010. Michael’s diverse work experience also includes roles as Vice President at Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), where he is currently a Senior Fellow, and positions at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Boeing Aerospace. He was co-founder and Vice President at Fiberforge, one of the first green automotive startups.


Mr. Brylawski received a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT and a Master of Business Administration degree from MIT Sloan. He also holds Bachelor of Science degree in Earth Systems Science from Stanford University. 

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