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Delilah Lanoix

Delilah Lanoix is co-owner and president of SMS Transportation Services, Inc., established in 1999.  The company provides numerous mobility solutions and services to persons and entities that require alternative transportation services. In addition, the company is one of California’s largest providers of special needs transportation to persons with both developmental and physical disabilities. The company has contracts with both public and private entities. As an entrepreneur, she is also involved with the development and execution of other successful business endeavors including transportation, development consulting and construction.


Significantly, she has just recently co-founded ButterFli, an on-demand transportation application (app) for the elderly and persons with disabilities and special needs.  This application will provide a real-time transportation option for persons who are challenged with mobility limitations that affect the quality of their daily lives.  


Prior to SMS, Delilah worked with businesses crafting and developing strategic initiatives to improve overall operations.  She has worked with many local elected officials in various areas and is an active participant with several community organizations that promote and support education, training and job growth.


In January 2016, she was appointed to the city of Glendale’s Building and Fire Board of Appeals that decide appeals of orders, decisions and determinations made by the Building Official, the Fire Marshal or both, relative to the application and interpretation of the Glendale Building & Safety Code.


Philanthropy and community service is an important part of her endeavors.   Currently, she is on the advisory board of Brotherhood Crusade, an organization that provides programs and services to the youth of underserved communities.  Previously, she was a founding member of MLK, Jr. General Hospital foundation responsible for raising private funds to provide additional services to the hospital and the community.  She is proud and humbled to have received the Greater Los Angeles YWCA’s Phenomenal Woman Corporate Award in 2016.


She is married and resides in Glendale with her husband and business partner, John W. Harris, who is also a practicing attorney.

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