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Anthony Luzi.jpg
Anthony Luiz
Director, US Operations
Electra Meccanica

Anthony Luzi has more then 20 years experience in the electric vehicle industry. Having worked closely with Corbin Motors in the development of Sparrow 1, Merlin, Raven and Sparrow 2 vehicles his knowledge and expertise is well founded. In 1998 he established Ecarmotors an alternative vehicle dealership designated to distribute electric powered vehicles and acquired the first licensed manufacturing right for Corbin Motors Daytona Beach Inc. for the southeastern United States in 2001 and presided as CEO. His knowledge in areas of sustainability and alternative resource implementation has proven invaluable to the evolution of the 3-wheeled ZEV. Inspired by such thinkers as Buckminster Fuller his concepts for a new green corporate ideology will prove to be an asset to the development of ElectraMeccanica Inc.


He currently is the Director of US Operations for Meccanica EMV Auto USA with the first dealership/distribution center scheduled to open in early November located in Studio City California marking the launch of the company into the US market.

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