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Annette Hebert
Executive Assistant Officer
California Air Resources Board, Southern California Headquarters

Annette Hebert was appointed Assistant Executive Officer of the California Air Resources Board on February 21, 2019.  In this capacity, Ms. Hebert will serve as lead for CARBs new Southern California Headquarters, guiding the work of over 350 engineers, scientists, policymakers, and support staff. In addition, Ms. Hebert will continue to work with Deputy Executive Officer Steve Cliff to oversee CARB’s extensive mobile source program, focusing on emissions certification and compliance, mobile source emissions warranties, and various mobile source testing and field assessment tasks based at the El Monte Haagen-Smit Laboratory. Ms. Hebert will also lead workforce and facility transition planning in advance of the move to the Southern California Headquarters opening near the campus of UC Riverside in early 2021.

Ms. Hebert brings 29 years of diverse experience to her new role, 23 of which were in key management positions. Her leadership ensured the development of programs critical to the Board efforts and were marked by her ability to balance difficult policy, regulatory, and technical issues. Annette was instrumental in the modernization of CARB’s vehicle and certification programs, enhancing light duty and heavy-duty in-use compliance programs, and ensuring the success of emission warranty programs.  She has also played key roles in identifying complex compliance issues, most notably the 2015 discovery of the VW diesel vehicle defeat device. In addition to her lengthy management experience, she is widely respected for sucessfully coordinating efforts with other agencies, legislative members, industry representatives, environmental organizations, and CARBs international counterparts.

A native of Louisiana, Ms. Hebert holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Louisiana, Lafayette.

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